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  Silicone & Rubber Parts

We are specialized in processing and manufacturing all kinds of precision rubber accessories, silica gel miscellaneous parts and processing, design and manufacturing all kinds of rubber molds. We are committed to promoting, innovating and surpassing the optimized development of rubber products and the wide range of products. Our products are used in industrial accessories, auto accessories, baby supplies, medical supplies, household appliances accessories, document supplies, sports supplies, office supplies, optical precision accessories, oil and leak proof accessories, etc. The raw materials used in the products can conduct electricity, fire, acid and alkali, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high and low temperature shock resistance, etc., and all comply with ROHS and FDA level and LFGB standards. We uphold the quality of survival, innovation and development, integrity to win customers business philosophy, and exquisite workmanship and quality hand in hand with customers to promote mutually beneficial cooperation.

Rubber silica gel(图1)           Rubber silica gel(图2)           Rubber silica gel(图3)

Rubber silica gel(图4)          Rubber silica gel(图5)

Rubber silica gel(图6)           Rubber silica gel(图7)           Rubber silica gel(图8)